Archive | August 2012

Gift wrap!


This is just another killing time creation. My boss just had a baby, I decide to buy her some baby stuff, but, instead of wrapping with the regular box, I made a cute baby stork package 🙂


Quilling Card for the Big Boss!


My friend, Amy, ask me to create a card for the very BIG BOSS in my office, the nervous, afraid-to-be-fired, and excited feeling going on my mind during that 2 days. I make this with all of my heart and with hope that she will actually like it.

Turns out she LOVES it!! her comment was “This card is really nice! you should open a store!” ahhh gosh! I’m so happy to hear that! finally, RECOGNITION!! haha

Mini Eiffel


My friend’s friend order 2 quilling creation, one of them is Eiffel Tower quilling. I never made that before, so I made the mini version first, just to kake sure, where should I start, and what details that I need to pay attention to.

so this is it, my mini Eiffel Tower. I will make the bigger size during this week 🙂