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My Earrings Box


Well this is not for sale, but if you want it, I can make it for you 🙂

this idea comes when I browse my Pinterest page, as you know Pinterest is full with DIY and craft posts, so one day, when I got nothing to do, I made this.

This is so easy!! it only takes 30 minutes for me to make it. What you need:

– unused clothes box (sometimes if you buy a shirt, it comes with a thin box right, if you sont have it, any box look a like will do)

– unused A4 sized envelope, cut the side, so it leaves you a double A4 sized paper

– 2 pcs A4 sized color paper

– 1 pcs pattern paper. I used a regular pattern origami paper, cut it around 1,5cm wide

– silver yarn, you know, kind of yarn that we use to tied Birthday goodies. If you dont have it, knitting yarn will also do. It ia adviced to use a thick yarn

– glue/ double tape

– stapler

Ok, here are the steps:
– wrap the box with encevelopes

– put the A4 color paper in the middle

– put the pattern origami paper that has been cut on every side of the box

– arrange the yarn in the middle of the box, use stapler to tied them. Make a spacw between every yarn, me, I make it 5cm space, for my longer earrings 🙂

tadaaaaa..there you have it, a cute and simple box to organized your earrings!!


Blue Quilling


new product! email me for order (

This is custom made, you can change the name and color combination

20 x 20 cm frame = IDR 150,000
30 x 30 cm frame = IDR 200,000

Go get it craft love!!