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Hei hoo…I finally have my own blog!
I never really want to create a blog, the main reason is because I don’t like to read or write..but some of my friend advise me to create a blog about my recent hobbies..Paper 🙂

I love paper, since looong time ago, but I never really create any useful or pretty things using paper, because one or two reason (basically because I’m too lazy).

4 months ago, I learn Paper Quilling, and instantly in love with this creation, its so lovely, easy, and less expensive than Scrapbook ( you know how expensive all scrapbook material don’t you: punchers, die cut, etc.). So from that, I learn to create cards or letters monogram with paper quilling, at first I give it to my friends as a birthday presents, then several order comes in, and now I’m happy that I can earn money from my hobbies!!

So,,,hope you’re not bored, and enjoy my creation…